ESCWA collects and shares information on emerging technologies and the development and deployment of responsive, inclusive, trustworthy and effective (RITE) government operations and services to support transitions towards open and innovative digital government in the Arab region.

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About Us

Driven by the spread and adoption of emerging technologies and the outbreak of Covid-19, all countries including Arab countries, have accelerated their efforts towards digital transformation. In fact, emerging technologies and other technologies, offer great potential to enhance government responsiveness, improve inclusiveness, promote trust, and boost effectiveness (RITE principles). The use of technologies in operations and services that is based on RITE principles can create more open and innovative governments that leave no-one behind.

Improving government operations and services requires information, knowledge, tools and examples to help shape ideas and initiatives. This portal serves as a resource supporting SDG 16 in creating accountable and inclusive public institutions at all levels, and SDG 17 in strengthening the collaboration among countries in technology and innovation. 

It is centred around advancing open and innovative digital government in the Arab region that is grounded in emerging technologies and RITE principles by:

  • Building understanding and knowledge through access to resources from the region and the world on related subjects;
  • Building capacities and knowledge on open and innovative governments, emerging technologies and RITE principles through access to training materials and courses;
  • Showcasing success stories and fostering ideas by collecting examples from the Arab region, highlighting lessons learned, achievements and challenges; and
  • Supporting the development of policies, strategies and initiatives by providing tools and models.

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