Data Summary: Open Government Environment

Bringing together indicators from various sources, the data summary provides a small snapshot of open government development within the Arab region. It focuses on indicators that highlights aspects associated with two of the principles of open government, namely transparency and participation. The table also includes indicators that reflects government readiness. The assumption being that this gives an idea of the potential for government to implement actions to achieve the principles of open government.

The data summary does not include an index of open government that can be used for unique ordering or ranking of the countries. Instead, for each indicator in the table, countries are divided into five groups of roughly equal sizes, indicated by colour:

  • The closer the colour is to green, indicates that the country is a relative top performer of the group in a particular variable.  
  • The closer the colour is to red, indicates that it is closer to the lower performers of the region.  
  • Between red and green there is a progression of orange and yellow markers.

The intention is not to suggest thresholds or target values for the indicators, but to allow a crude visual assessment of a country's performance relative to others.

Table showing indicators on the open government environment for 22 Arab countries. Data is displayed with colour scales from red to green, with red being low scores and green being high scores.


Note: Click on the image of the table to download the source file. The file includes an extra sheet showing the data for 2020.

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