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Author(s): Ministry of Transport and Communications

Resource Type: Case studies

Countries: Qatar

SDG: Agenda 2030, GOAL 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Keywords: Access to Information, Public Sector Innovation, Participation, Collaboration


TASMU Smart Qatar Programme

Source in English:     ESCWA-OECD Case Study - TASMU Smart Qatar Program, Qatar

The TASMU Smart Qatar Programme leverages advanced technology and innovation in order to achieve economic diversification and improve the quality of life in Qatar.   Its main driving force is the TASMU Central Platform that forms the digital foundation of Qatar transformation to a smart country.

The platform is a multi-layered fusion of artificial intelligence, decision support systems, advanced heuristics, data management and predictive analytics designed to provide comprehensive sectoral cross platform interoperability.  It was developed in response to Qatar 2030 Vision, and it covers five priority sectors, namely transport, logistics, environment, healthcare and sports. 

Implementation: 2017


The TASMU programme was launched by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in collaboration with several ministries and entities related to the priority sectors.


The TASMU programme was developed to address key challenges faced across the five priority sectors.  It was created as a digital response to Qatar National Vision 2030 to enhance the delivery of public services in these sectors.


  • Through the cloud-based central platform, TASMU programme empowers cross sectoral collaboration, facilitates data sharing, and offers analytics and insights.
  • The platform uses artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies for managing data and developing solutions and applications.  It also supports decision-making and promotes interoperability.
  • Taking on key challenges across the sectors concerned, TASMU undertakes projects in pursuit of promoting international trade, creating a safe and eco-friendly transport network, ensuring sustainable consumption of natural resources, enhancing access to quality healthcare, and establishing a global sport destination.


The TASMU program benefits all citizens, residents and visitors of Qatar.


The programme has resulted in increasing the nation's productivity and the efficiency of public services through launching more than 1600 e-services targeting all society.   It is also expected to result with the following:

  • Leading Qatar towards a digital economy and a smart future.
  • Improving the quality of life throughout the country.
  • Improving the innovation ecosystem and the ICT sector in Qatar.

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