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Author(s): Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)

Resource Type: Case studies

Countries: United Arab Emirates

SDG: GOAL 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Keywords: Open government, Crowdsourcing


Crowdsourcing campaign to develop the UAE Government portal

Source in English:     ESCWA-OECD Case Study - Crowdsourcing to develop the content of portal, UAE

The Government portal was developed through a crowdsourcing campaign that engaged the public in enriching its content, to be the source of reliable information on the UAE Government services.   This was done through the participation of actual portal users in updating the content and in providing feedback on the portal functionalities and features.

Implementation: 2018-2019


The project was undertaken by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) with the collaboration of the public users and the Government entities and business houses.


  • Enable public participation and engagement in developing the content of the UAE Government's portal
  • Benefit from people's experiences, attention to details, intellect, and promote e-participation.


The activity solicited input on recommended topics that can be added, and solved the problem of identifying possible insufficient, inaccurate, contradictory, outdated, erroneous or totally missing content on the portal.  It also sought to enhance, rectify and update the content with appropriate and verified information suggested by the public or Government entities.


The activity benefited both public users and the Government, as public engagement enabled a wider reach of its services to meet public needs.  All stakeholders benefit from the official Government portal as it caters to the needs of various users, including students, professionals, businesspersons, tourists, and citizens and residents.


  • More people got to know about the availability and access to Government services.
  • Wide participation in the activity during 2018-2019, with around 35000 users, which led consideration of sustaining and applying it to other public entities.
  • Feedback of participants enabled adding around 120 topics to the portal.


The challenges were mainly related to some survey responses that were personal inquiries rather than feedback on the portal information and technical features.

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