Author(s): Ministry of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy

Resource Type: Web Resource

Countries: Morocco

SDG: GOAL 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Keywords: Open Data, Open government, E-Government

Kingdom of Morocco E-Government Program

The first aim of this website is to inform the e- government program, defined as a strategic priority plan Morocco Numeric 2013 . It helps to have visibility on the overall progress of the program by providing access to the roadmap of all services and e- government projects.

It is also an interactive space that allows any user to give an opinion or comment on the site effectiveness and relevance of operational and ongoing projects by answering online surveys regularly updated .

Finally , the site also serves as a collaborative space for all program stakeholders to communicate about its activities. is part of a series of sites to promote the sector Information Technology in Morocco and learn about the online services of the Moroccan administration .

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