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Author(s): Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA)

Resource Type: Case studies

Countries: United Arab Emirates

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Citizen Engagement, E-Government, Public Sector Innovation, Accessibility


U.AE Next Generation

Powered by AI

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The United Arab Emirates Government's Unified Digital Channel transforms access to services and information. As the world's first single-letter domain, "U," it embodies citizen-centric digital governance. Launched in June 2023, the next-gen U.AE features AI-driven "U-Ask," a chatbot enhancing citizen-administration interaction. Accessibility is paramount, emphasized by an AI widget for inclusivity.

Principles support

  • Responsiveness
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness
  • Effectiveness

Technology focus

  • Artificial Intelligence


Public sector innovation - Digital government - Open government

U.AE Next Generation aligns with inclusive design, employing the ChatGPT experience for personalized public services. UAEPass grants streamlined access to 3,000+ services. By embracing advanced tech, U.AE ensures universal access and information utilization. Tailored interactions and user-centricity amplify satisfaction and empower engagement with UAE government services.

Functions and/or Features

U-Ask, powered by generative AI (ChatGPT), provides accurate government information and services. Users access public information anonymously and streamline 3000+ services through UAEPass. U.AE Next Generation prioritizes inclusivity with AI-driven accessibility. Personalized user experiences are based on profiles and interactions, delivering custom services. The platform facilitates direct and indirect participation through app-dynamics, enabling the study of user interactions and digital footprints to inform ongoing user-centric design and development decisions.

Outcomes, impacts & changes

U.AE Next Generation underwent 150+ design/technological improvements through App-dynamics analysis. Over 200 content gaps were filled through U-Ask user feedback. In May-June 2023, U.AE had 2 million visits, up 11% from 2022, with a 6% decrease in bounce rate, indicating better engagement. Accessibility/searchability reached 100%, up from 79% in 2022. Public engagement surged, gathering 1500+ suggestions/feedback. Response time improved, fostering transparency. The user-centric approach, personalized assistance, and streamlined services led to 89% public satisfaction.


  • Ethical use of emerging tech required regulatory sandbox establishment, engaging public for AI ethics testing.
  • Developing a compliant chatbot while maintaining data protection was complex.
  • Integrating new features with existing IT infrastructure demanded compatibility and performance considerations.
  • Seamlessly integrating features into the content-heavy U.AE portal was challenging.
  • Training internal teams for new content approach and diverse skill sets was crucial.
  • Ensuring user acceptance and awareness for next-gen enhancements through campaigns.

Lessons learned

  • Early public and stakeholder engagement ensured ethical AI usage and support.
  • Seamlessly integrating new features into a content-heavy portal was strategic.
  • User-centric design considering needs and behaviours was crucial.
  • Learning from user interactions via platforms like APP-Dynamics improved personalized services.
  • Rigorous testing and iterative improvements enhanced the end product significantly. 

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