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Digital Government Evolution - Government 3.0

The MOOC will cover all three stages of digital government evolution from the basics of information systems (IS), through Government 1.0 (digital transformation foundations) and Government 2.0 (collaborative government) to Government 3.0 (disruptive technologies in data-driven policy making and public service).

  • Gov 1.0: Foundations of Digital Government: Digital transformation characterizes the attempt of modernizing government and public service provisioning through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).
  • Gov 2.0: Digital Governance and Engagement: The Gov 1.0 course addresses the foundations of digital government, including modules in the following topics: Introduction to electronic government (index, indicators, definitions), Digital Government (OOP, innovation, e-Id, etc.), Standardisation and interoperability (EIF, EIRA).

  • The Gov 2.0 course focuses o digital governance and engagement, including modules in the following topics: Digital transformation, Open Government and Data, E-Participation (e-consultation 2.0, e-democracy), Service co-creation & Social Media.

  • Gov 3.0: Towards data-driven and evidence-based decision and policy making: The Gov 3.0 course encompasses data-driven and evidence-based decision and policy making, including modules like: Big Data, Smart City Government / IoT, Machine Learning/Data Mining and more.

  • Ethics and soft skills: This course includes modules related to Legal Foundations, including international and national laws regulating digital government, Sustainability and societal challenges and Ethics in disruptive technologies.

  • Entrepreneurship: The Entrepreneurship courses will teach you basic knowledge about starting your own business. It will take you through how to organize your ideas, get to know your market and customers and develop products and services.

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