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Open Data for Data Producers - World Bank Group

The “Open Data for Data Producers” e-learning course is designed to provide a broad overview of Open Data principles and best practices from the standpoint of a data producer, and empower data managers and technical staff with the background and skills to contribute to the Open Data community.

Open Data is a growing movement that attempts to remove most of the technical and legal barriers to use of public data, and realize much greater social and economic benefits of data use. Open Data initiatives have been gaining ground for many years, and over 500 Open Data catalogs are now in operation around the globe. However, many organizations, particularly in government, may be unfamiliar with or even skeptical of Open Data and its impacts, or lack the knowledge to design and implement Open Data programs effectively. This is often especially true in developing countries, where capacity can be low and access to the latest learning resources is often limited.

This course is primarily intended for managers and technical staff involved in the production, management, and curation of data, particularly within government ministries. It assumes no prior knowledge of Open Data or specific technical skills, and is particularly intended for individuals in developing countries.

This course provides users with the knowledge and skills they need to understand and manage Open Data effectively and responsibly, and to participate fully in the Open Data community. Individuals that complete this course will have acquired the following:

  • A thorough understanding of the definition, significance, benefits, and issues relating to Open Data, in the context of public institutions and government.
  • A detailed knowledge of Open Data standards and best practices.
  • An overview of data management roles, processes, and practices for Open Data.
  • Strategies for effective citizen engagement.
  • An understanding of the legal and policy issues relating to Open Data, including licensing.
  • A framework for completing an Open Data assessment and developing a strategic plan.
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