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Author(s): Ministry of Finance, Economy and Administrative Reform

Resource Type: Case studies

Countries: Morocco

SDG: GOAL 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Keywords: Open government, Transparency, Accountability


Open Government in Morocco

Source in Arabic:   ESCWA-OECD Case Study - Open Government, Morocco

This platform enables all citizens to track Morocco's commitments to the Open Government, allowing them to review the content of these commitments, monitor the progress in implementing them, and get updates in this regard. It was developed in 2019 following Morocco's accession to the Open Government Partnership initiative in 2018, and in accordance with its standards, particularly in terms of transparency and information dissemination.

Implementation: 2019


The platform was established by the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Administration Reform, with the support of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


The Open Government Platform aims to monitor the implementation of Morocco’s commitments to the Open Government, and automatically calculate the progress towards the implementation of the national action plan for the Open Government, based on periodic reports and information bulletins issued by entities responsible for implementing the commitments.


The platform encompasses:

  • A section for the public, enabling information sharing and interaction on the national action plan for the Open Government in Morocco, and providing information on its implementation and activities.
  • A section for project leaders responsible for the implementation of commitments, which provides them with a dashboard for monitoring commitments indicators, and enables them to calculate the implementation progress, update information on the activities linked to the implementation, and identify the relative weight for each activity. It also allows them to request assistance from the supervisory committee to address any difficulties hindering the fulfilment of commitments.
  • A section for managing and monitoring the website, which allows updating content, managing access accounts, following up on the commitment to implement the national action plan and the activities that fall under it, and issuing periodic reports automatically.


  • Citizens.
  • Civil society organizations.
  • Members of the supervisory committee.
  • Project leaders responsible for the implementation of commitments.
  • Actors responsible for organizing Open Government workshops.


The development of this platform resulted in strengthening the relationship with the civil society, publicizing, raising awareness and providing a comprehensive source of reference on the Open Government in Morocco. Additionally, the platform is expected to provide reference information on the participatory development of the national action plan for the Open Government, and on transparency, integrity and participation policies.


The platform contributes to enhancing interaction with citizens and engaging them in developing the national action plan for the Open Government. Given its effectiveness, this platform is being used in monitoring the implementation of different national strategies in other areas.


The challenge lies in ensuring the involvement of all concerned parties in the platform, such as public administrations representatives involved in the implementation of commitments and the civil society.

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