Author(s): Ministry of Transport and Communications

Resource Type: Case studies

Countries: Qatar

SDG: GOAL 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, GOAL 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Keywords: Access to Information, Transparency


Qatar Media Analytics Service

Source in English:     ESCWA-OECD Case Study - Media Analytics Service, Qatar

The Media Analytics Service provides government entities with analytical and comprehensive data from various information sources around the world.  This helps decision makers in analysing public opinions, in addition to measuring performance, improving transparency and better serving the public.

Implementation: 2019


This service is one of the shared services developed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, in partnership with MEEZA, a Qatar-based IT company.


The service was designed to help decision makers follow up and analyse public conversations on social media platforms and traditional media, and to allow them to measure the Government's performance, improve quality control and transparency, and enhance public services.


Given that Qatar is a digitally developed country especially in terms of governance, media and communications, this service delivered high-value results with minimal costs and efforts, employing the latest analytical advancements and technological trends. It supports more than 50 languages and reads more than 150 million sources of information including social media platforms, electronic newspapers, news agencies portals, and blogs among others. Additionally, it provides data in multiple formats and dimensions, as well as a 360-degree view of data, allowing quick decision-making that meets the demands of citizens.


Involved government entities as well as Qatari citizens and residents benefit from this service.


  • Many government departments started responding actively to complaints raised by the public.
  • The use of this service was more effective and less costly than the traditional surveying methodology.
  • The service enabled the foreign affairs department to monitor international news and mentions related to Qatar, and to respond to fake news with official clarifications.
  • Educational entities used the service as a central tool to monitor web interactions and to respond to queries and deliver a consistent message to students.

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