Author(s): Presidency of the Tunisian Government, Central Office of Relations with the Citizen, E-Government Unit

Resource Type: Case studies

Countries: Tunisia

SDG: GOAL 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, GOAL 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Keywords: e-Participation


E-People Tunisia - Petition Platform

Source in English:     ESCWA-OECD Case Study - E-People, Tunisia

Developing an integrated e-petition platform falls under the implementation of the tenth commitment of the 2nd Action Plan of the Open Government Partnership for Tunisia. The e-people platform project is aimed at enhancing participation and interaction between citizens and the Government and improving the performance of public administrations and the quality of their services.

Implementation: 2018


  • Central Office of Relations with the Citizen, and e-Government Unit at the Presidency of the Government.
  • Korean International Cooperation Agency.
  • Representatives from several ministries and public administrations.
  • National Center of Informatics and National Agency for Computer Security.
  • Non-governmental and civil society organizations such as I Watch and Al Bawsala.


The e-people platform aims to implement the open government principles and values, contribute to fighting corruption, and promote citizen engagement and public sector integrity.  It also provides various communication channels between citizens and the Government and enhances public administration performance and services.


The platform represents a one-stop-shop to receive citizens' complaints and transmit them to the relevant public structures.  It also allows citizens to follow up on the processing of complaints.


This platform benefits citizens and public administrations and particularly the Central Office of Relations with the Citizen, government departments, and non-governmental and civil society organizations.


  • The platform was used by 10 pilot public structures and is available in Arabic and French for wider reach.  
  • A call center and a training programme were created to enhance the work of the Central Office of Relations with the Citizen.   
  • Increased user interest in the platform was observed through statistical information about the audience showing an increase in user interaction and the number of subscribers. 

It is expected that the e-people Tunisia platform will involve all public institutions, include a dashboard with accurate statistics on the complaints, and apply the provisions of the related Government decree.


  • This project faced several challenges, including:
  • Ensuring the full use of the platform's functionalities.
  • Opening and extending the use of the platform to other applications/portals and integrating it in a global government infrastructure.
  • Raising awareness on the benefits of the platform.
  • Building capabilities of public officials on the platform and its functionalities.
  • Providing the resources needed for the proper functioning of the platform.

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