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Author(s): State Audit Institution

Resource Type: Case studies

Countries: Oman

Keywords: Citizen Engagement, Corruption, E-Government, Transparency, Artificial Intelligence


Complaints and Reports Window

Source in Arabic: ENACT Case Study - Complaints and Report Window, Oman

The complaints and reports window was developed as a website and smart phone application in Arabic and English, with the aim of enhancing communication with the community. The State Audit Institution aims to strengthen the principle of partnership in protecting public funds and ensuring the quality of performance and services provided by entities under its oversight. This electronic window also helps in detecting administrative and financial violations, and contributes to reducing abuses and violations. It also helps to identify important issues that need additional study and analysis. It is worth noting that the reporting window received the United Nations Public Service Award in the Prevention and Combating of Corruption category in 2013. Work is currently underway to improve the window and the OTP feature, a complaint feature was recently added and a Chatbot feature is currently under development.

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